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Smiling children faces are back at the Panathenaic Stadium!

The Kids’s Athletics program starts again on February 28th and will be continuing until May 20th 2011, with a high interest coming from schools all over the country. It is an innovative program which aims to educate the young pupils to the history, the civilization and the principles of athleticism through the fun and play that Kids’ Athletics offers to them.

The Kids’ Athletics program has been implemented for the first time at the Panathenaic Stadium in April - May 2010 in cooperation with the Ministry of Education Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs and the Hellenic Athletics Federation, under the auspices of the International Olympic Committee with the participation of 2.300 pupils who have already had the opportunity to visit the Panathenaic Stadium and learn its history.

For the implementation of the program the International Olympic Committee has awarded the Minister of Education Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs, Mrs Anna Diamantopoulou with the award “Sport – Inspiring Young People”.